Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Since filming and looking back at our evaluation i have noticed small things i would like to add!!

We forgot to cut the music which means that the final cut of our film ends up being 5minutes long however, the action is only just over 2 minutes long so fingers crossed this does not affect our mark!!!! :)

I am so happy with what me and Soriah achieved and the way we was able to show the contrasts between the good times and bad times and the happy couple to the arguing couple! :)

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Where are we?!

We have now completed filming and are more a less finished editing, just small touches need adding. Filming our film went to plan, and I was very pleased with our final result.
When i began to edit our film opening, I did find this quite a challenge!
However, after finally getting used to using the Macbook this was not a problem and i enjoyed playing around with all the tools to add to our film.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Further Character Analysis! (2)

The female teenage character is going to be portrayed as a bright girl, who does well at school, but is derailed as she gets more involved with her new boyfriend. When thinking about this character we had influences from the character of Chlo Grainger in Waterloo Road.

Further Character Analysis!

The male character in our production is going to be portrayed as a stereotypical bad boy character who hides away his emotions. When thinking aobut this we was influenced by characters such as from characters such as Cook from the E4 drama Skins, and also Bolton Smilie from Waterloo Road.

The male character in our film opening, has traits of these characters. They both retain bad boy images, but are actually not as hard as they make out to be. Cook from Skins is very influential to us, because his whole manner, and fashion sense, is the way we envisioned our character to be.

Our film opening links to Kidulthood!

Before filming we watched the film, 'Kidulthood', this gave us an idea on how to film our film. This film is based on a bunch of teenagers from West London, and our film is based on two teenagers who have run away from home so we were able to make links between the two. We could definitely use this film as a huge influence. Two of the teenagers from Kidulthood, "Trife" and Alisa, are facing relationship problems, because she is pregnant. They are stereotyped teenagers, and so are the teenagers in our film opening.

The picture above shows "Trife" and Alisa, as they are reaching breaking point from their relationship problems. This links with our teenagers also facing problems due to their relationship leaving them homeless and scared.

Kidulthood is also a big influence for us as the film is produced using the vocabulary and music which appeals to the younger generation which is what we are trying to achieve with our film opening.